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"Start your own free hosting reseller powered by VistaPanel"

A hosting reseller specially design to provide free hosting services.
(Please note that this service is powered by VistaPanel not cPanel VistaPanel).

Use this service create to free hosting VistaPanel accounts for your own free hosting customers. Create unlimited amount of clients under one reseller, place your own Google Adsense adverts or any HTML ad-code onto your clients web-pages automatically using our unique reseller panel 'advert control' module.
Your cpanel reseller comes with a ready to use hosting home page, you can begin taking customers immediately, each free hosting user that registers under your domain is activated instantly.

Expose Features

Huge profit potential

Collect payments directly from your clients giving you full control over your earnings.

Huge profit potential

Cloud Servers

Hosted on our powerful cloud network of servers, fast speeds and 99.9% uptime.

Cloud Servers

Free Tech Support

Our technicians and support staff are here to help you with any questions you have.

Free Tech Support

VistaPanel Control Panel

True VistaPanel reseller with all the features to create a fully featured hosting business.


Make your own profits

By setting your own prices and plans you are fully in control

Cloud Servers

Free VistaPanel resellers hosted on Cloud network of powerful Linux servers.

Free Support

Our qualified techical support agents are looking forward to helping you with any questions.

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